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Building your version of an UNRESTRICTED LIFE

with food

with body image

with movement

as a practitioner

Because you don't want to be looking back in 30 years, 

in the same place you are now,

wishing you had started today.

I know what it's like to want everything to change, even when nothing is changing. For 6 years I dreamed that my debilitating struggles with food, body image, and exercise would disappear overnight, even when I knew I wasn't doing exactly what I should to change them. Unfortunately, I had to hit rock bottom to realize that this process didn't work, and let me tell you, it sucked, but it also gave me the biggest gift I've ever received - the passion to prevent others from this cycle so that they can:

Experience all-encompassing freedom

Use their energy on what lights them up, not what brings them down

Break free from the generational and societal patterns that they are determined not to perpetuate, once and for all

And the best part? 95% of my clients believe that achieving these won't be possible for them, and then I watch them do just that, and more.
Are you next? 

My team and I will guide you in tuning out diet culture and trusting your intuition so that you feel at home in your body and experience confidence in your choices with food and movement.

Start by joining into our free masterclass all about becoming BFFs with food.

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live unrestricted practitioner

"Her heart is really in this."

Mallory is filled with knowledge and works hard to make sure everything she says is backed by a study and science. She isn't just throwing out random information. This makes her trustworthy compared to the others and her heart is really in this. She's not just in it for the money or to have the most clients. She wants her clients to truly experience food freedom and guide her practitioners to help their clients reach the same!

live unrestricted

"Thank you for your commitment to help women who need freedom!"

I can’t really thank you enough Mallory!! Thank you for your commitment to us women who need freedom and have made the step to go for it. You have created an amazing resource and something that I hope will go onto reach thousands more women like me who can experience freedom and a life unrestricted! I love that you always go back to the research and evidence base with all your content in the program. I could tell that you really cared so much about each and everyone. A HUGE thank you!

live unrestricted

"This program was literally everything I needed."

I was skeptical at first and didn’t know if this program would help me that much. I‘ve tried so many different things of support (even another program/coaching before), but nothing really helped me. LU was my last attempt to finally break out of diet culture and kickstart my recovery journey. What can I say ? This program was literally everything I needed. When I look back, it’s unbelievable how 12 weeks can change a life that much. 

live unrestricted practitioner

"Just thank you!"

You fostered a very uplifting and supportive environment which made me feel very comfortable to share and ask questions... It's kind of crazy how your program catered to everything I was seeking to understand about working with clients in this space...nothing else exists that presents this information in a straightforward way). Thank you so much for putting in all of the work to figure out this information for yourself and create it into a program like this to share!

live unrestricted

"Truly changed my life!"

Mallory is  amazing and truly changed my life !! Thank you so much for doing this for women like me that just want to be themselves again <3

live unrestricted

"You have changed my life in a way I did not know possible."

Mallory, I adore you. I’m so grateful to you. You genuinely feel like a friend and a mentor. You have changed my life in a way I did not know possible. Thank you thank you thank you. 

live unrestricted practitioner

"I am going to miss this course."

My eyes are tearing up filling this out because I have LOVED seeing your face every week for the past months whether that be on the live call or the class videos. YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED AND I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU. I am going to miss this course.

The Original Live Unrestricted Group

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learn to live unrestricted

The transformative program that will help you heal your relationship with food and body image for good

Body Love Club Membership

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A one-way ticket to looking in the mirror & accepting exactly what you see looking back at you.

Live Unrestricted for Practitioners

help others live unrestricted

A course designed specifically for professionals seeking to integrate the non-diet approach into their practice with clients so they can experience lasting change.

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Steps to trusting your intuition

Showcasing what it means to live unrestricted

The noise from diet culture is OVERPOWERING, so my first goal is always quieting this in your mind. Then, I provide the evidence backed information to support a more clear mental voice.

Dispelling misinformation

Showcasing what it means to live unrestricted

There is no such things as a 'universally healthy' relationship to food, body image, and exercise. All of us are different, and therefore, what makes you feel best will be different than what works for someone else. Your unique intuition is a superpower, don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Dispelling misinformation

Steps to trusting your intuition

Ever feel like you don't even know what life would look like without worrying about how you look or what you eat? That's why showcasing what this looks like is so important to me. It's hard to strive for a life that you can't even visualize.

Can I first just say, I'm so excited to be meeting you right now?

My name is Mallory, and I am the founder of Live Unrestricted. As a Dietitian, my mission is to liberate society from the grips of diet culture and guide women to a life that is unrestricted by food or body image. With me, it’s not just about food freedom, body acceptance, or intuitive eating, it's about WHY you want these things and WHAT it would mean to achieve them. 

The Seems Like Diet Culture Podcast

The podcast for when you hear a food rule, wellness trend, or nutrition fact and think, "This seems like diet culture, but is it really?" Join host Mallory Page to have your questions answered about a new trending topic every single week.

grieving your ideal body (the body image reframe that changes everything)

the new weight loss miracle drug? ozempic

the 10 less obvious diet culture red flags

listen on:


try it out

What would you do with all of the time you didn’t think about food?​​​​​​​

In this free masterclass you'll get the 3 phase food freedom framework to take you from obsessive food thoughts to mentally free.

Become BFFS with food for free

Yes! Mallory and her team offer 1-1 coaching. The program, Live Unrestricted, has different options you can choose from including the option for 1-1 calls. You can book an intake call with Mallory by clicking here if you want to talk more about what form of support is right for you. You can check out more about Live Unrestricted by clicking here.

Let's put it this way, you may even get sick of Mallory after going through our programs hahah. In all seriousness, we are not a "hands off" type of group. Mallory is passionate about the work she does and is involved in every step of the process from coaching to messaging to video lessons to Q&A calls and more. You will find more about the specific ways she is involved in each group on the specific course pages.

We offer payment plans for every single program that we have. Mallory was once in a position where she had no ability to invest in herself and or very limited ability to do so and that is why we offer support at all levels.

I have been working in the nutrition field since 2016, been a Registered Dietitian since 2020, and also in business since 2020. As a Dietitian, we undergo rigorous schooling to get to the place where we can provide counseling. Personally, I received my bachelors in Dietetics with a minor in business development and sports nutrition then matched to, and completed, a competitive internship before finally passing the Dietitian board exam. In my career I have now worked with over 350 clients, taught dozens of practitioners, and trained a team of 5 dietitians. 

Heck yes it is! I can't explain how excited I am that you are here, friend. One thing about me is I'm a gemini (I know we get a bad rep, but hopefully I have a chance to show you it's unjustified haha) and with that comes many passions. If you have been reading this page you've already met passion #1 but now it's time to meet passion #2 - teaching practitioners everything they should have learned in their education about how to help people heal their relationship with food, body image, and movement in a diet-focused world. I believe the non-diet approach is, and will continue, to change the world and I want as many people to be a part of it as possible. YOU IN?

Start with a free webinar on my essential framework for empowering clients to overcome food and body image struggles.

Are you reading this and thinking. . . 

"Well this isn't me, but I want to help other people experience this. . .
 is it possible to do this?"

Ready to start living unrestricted?

There are limited amount of 1-1 coaching spots in Live Unrestricted and we currently have some open!

Spots available !

You do not want to miss this summer body image challenge that we are doing in the Body Love Club this month!

The 30 day challenge