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Cultivating the positive relationship with food, body image, and exercise that you wish you had learned growing up and that you want to see in society.


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Truth is, you're already on the journey to food freedom and body acceptance, but recently, you've been feeling ready to step into the version of yourself that...

Wholeheartedly believes that your worth is not dependent on how you look, even when the world tries to make you feel differently.

Is mentally free from any thoughts about food, except for how good it makes you feel.

Feels comfortable and at home in your body, even when it goes through changes.

Hears your body's cues, trusts what they are saying, and listens to them confidently.

Let's picture what this could look like. . .

You wake up refreshed and are greeted by an initial thought that has nothing to do with your body. Your movement routine is whatever the heck you want it to be because you know precisely what works for you. You never second guess yourself when someone makes a diet culture-y comment about you or themselves. You feel confident af when you put on an outfit in the morning from your closet of clothes that fit you exactly right.

Your mental energy should be spent on what 
lights you up,
not what
weighs you down.

I'll never forget the moment that I realized I had kicked Daphne out of my head (highly suggest giving your mental bully a name).

It was just a normal day, with my usual routine, when all of a sudden it hit me - she was silent. There was no, 'You should probably think about what you're going to eat later before you have this,' or 'Hmm, have you checked what your body looks like in the mirror today?' or 'Are you sure that won't bloat you?' After what seemed like an eternity of being berated by these types of thoughts, I almost couldn't believe it. I even gave myself a pep talk, cautioning myself not to get too attached to this feeling because she might return. Yet, here I am, years later, and still living free of Daphne.

I know what you need to break free.

You need a customized, step-by-step process accompanied by support and community so that you never feel uncertain about what to do next or isolated as you navigate through it.

Cookie Cutter Approaches Don't Work.

So why do so many programs act like they do? Don't get me wrong, here at Live Unrestricted we have a proven framework filled with digestible content (pun intended lol) that will transform your mindset and provide you with logical, no BS info, but this is just the start. We fuse this with sustainable lifestyle shifts and coaching that is specific to YOU and the life you want to experience. If you are resonating with what I've shared so far, I already know that you need ALL of these aspects in order to fully heal. 

I get that I could sound a bit cocky acting like I "know you" but I feel like, in a way, I truly do. 

I made this program for the old version of myself in your exact position. I'm the girl who needed to understand the WHY and the HOW but also needed to feel SEEN and UNDERSTOOD and I have a feeling that you do too. I'm sorry that finding this type of support is so hard, but I'm so glad that you are here now to experience it.

  • Shed the false beliefs society has embedded into you

  • Confidently take up space 

  • Create the life you've always worried wasn't possible 

  • Never be alone in your journey again

Are you ready to. . . 

You may want to read that last one once more. . . 
Never. Alone. Again.



The program that ends your mental battle with food once and for all-- from food guilt to food freedom, body conscious to body accepting, obsessive to intuitive and everything in between.

LU is built for your life and ready when you are. We combine 9 months of group discussion and self paced modules with personalized support catered specifically to your needs to get you incredible results:

Live group coaching calls

Intimate and discussion-based calls with live coaching from the LU team that is catered towards the topics you need to hear about.

Each call will have specific activities that we work through to unveil any roadblocks you are experiencing and then provide solutions to these. 90% of members have reported these calls to be their favorite piece of the program, even those that were nervous about a group environment, but if you feel uncomfortable talking in a group you can submit any questions/thoughts beforehand.

Monthly Q&A Calls

The journey to freedom isn't tied to specific topics or timelines, and that's why we've got room for any questions you have, at all times. 

Our Q&A calls are a space for tackling these questions and are completely tailored to you in terms of length and topic. Don't forget that this isn't the only space for questions, you also have 24/7 group & 1-1 messaging available.


You are not alone in this. Not only is there a community group you get access to with the other women, the coaches, and Mallory, there is also the ability to join into community-only calls. There is nothing like the feeling of being understood by those that GET what you are going through.


At any point during the program you can add on goal setting support or 1-1 support with the LU Dietitians. We are here to cater this program to what you need, not the other way around, so if you are feeling called to some personalized goals or a 1-1 deep dive they are always available.


After our 9 months together, you get 90 days free in our body love club community where you can continue to connect with a other women, ask questions, and receive education. This means you get 12 months of total support in the program!

A look inside. . . 

Each week, you'll unlock new content specifically designed for the nine core modules listed below. Immerse yourself in videos from Mallory, daily journal prompts, exclusive podcast episodes, group challenges, and more. What's even better? These resources constitute only 1/4th of the comprehensive support you'll receive in the program.

Topics covered:
  • Differentiating between diet culture and what nourishes you.
  • Assessing the healthiness of your approach to wellness.
  • Uncovering and defining your ideal relationship with health and well-being.
Topics covered:
  • How to stop labeling foods as good and bad
  • Specific steps to break free of binging
  • Reasons why you could feel out of control around food
Topics covered:
  • What is your set point weight and how do you achieve it
  • Is your metabolism broken + how to fix it if so
  • Signs you're outside of your set point weight
Topics covered:
  • A life changing framework for conceptualizing body image while healing
  • How to overcome the fear of weight gain
  • What the "end goal" is with body image
Topics covered: 
  • The step by step process for working through limiting beliefs
  • Evaluating whether your habits function as unhealthy coping mechanisms and providing strategies for positive change
  • The process of building a life that feels worth healing for
Topics covered: 
  • Uncovering who you really are outside of food, movement, and your body
  • Exploring the steps to construct an identity that resonates authentically with your true self
  • Handling relationships when you're in a new place with food and body image
Topics covered: 
  • How to accept your body, even if it changes
  • Body acceptance vs. body positivity and why distinguishing between these two is important
  • How does weight loss relate to body acceptance
Topics covered: 
  • What is intuitive eating and what to do if it hasn't worked
  • How to find the balance between nourishing yourself and having freedom
  • Trusting hunger cues, fullness cues, and cravings
Topics covered: 
  • Gentle nutrition and how to know if you're ready for it
  • How to maintain a relationship with food, body image, and movement that feels best for you
  • How to continuously evaluate if something is right for you
  • How to evaluate if your relationship with exercise is truly beneficial and, if needed, how to build a beneficial one
  • Dealing with people who still subscribe to diet culture and fatphobia - Training from Vinny Welbsy (@fierce.fatty)
  • How to survive a bad body image day, week, month, year - Training from Vinny Welbsy (@fierce.fatty)
  • Understanding how to keep your gut happy so that you are free of bloating, food intolerances, or GI distress

Your Coaches

Caleigh B., RD
Lakin S., RD
Nicole W., RD
Amy Z., RD

At Live Unrestricted we believe in continuous support and multiple perspectives, which is why you get to work with four incredible coaches in the program, along with Mallory. You will find the coaches answering your messages in the community group, helping with goal setting, supporting you in the calls, and more. These coaches are not a replacement for Mallory's support, rather, they are supplementary!

This is for you if . . .

You don't want to look back in 30 years and realize you're in the same place

You are ready to break free of societal patterns that don't serve you

You refuse to pass this down to your current or future family

You are open to a life changing transformation

This is not for you if. . . 

You don't have any desire to change

You are looking for a quick fix

You aren't willing to collaborate with others

You are in a space where you need higher level of care for an eating disorder

The average person spends upwards of $733 a year on dieting, which equates to around $56,001 over the average life span. Do you feel comfortable allocating this amount of money towards a 66 billion dollar industry that profits off your insecurities?

We know you're busy, so we've made the next steps simple.


Talk with mallory

This is a risk-free call where we'll delve deeper into your goals, aspirations for the program, and address any questions you may have. The primary objective of this conversation is to determine if LU is a suitable fit for you. There's absolutely no pressure to join the program, even if it turns out to be a good fit.


book your free intro call

When you click the link below you'll be taken to a space where you can schedule your free intro call with Mallory. This is such an exciting, fun step so I hope you do a little celebration for the fact that you got to this place! This page also gives you an idea of pricing, do keep in mind you get a full breakdown of pricing in step two.


Get the details

Receive an email from us that includes information about the intake call, a detailed breakdown of pricing, and a playlist of podcasts that we've picked out for this point in your journey.

"I feel like myself again after this program. A self I hadn't seen in years."

It really dug into things I hadn’t even considered and aspects of myself and identity I didn’t realize had been harmed by my ED. I also just learned so much not just about myself but the culture we live in! My life is so much more full and relaxed. At first I was resistant to the program but as time went on and I found so much support and deconstructed so many of my limiting beliefs I can now see full recovery as a very real and near thing for me. I genuinely could not be more grateful for the women and coaching in LU.


Honestly, I can't believe it's all over.

 Its bittersweet, because I know Im in a good space and LU has really helped me get here, and i have the proper tools and knowledge to continue with this momentum forward, to continue to push in all aspects so I can be fully recovered! Thank you so much for everything, honestly, I am super grateful to have found this program and to be part of it and the support and tools offered are/were amazing and all super helpful! I truly believe that I can continue on and work things through. Never felt alone and the slack group and support was amazing, and so insightful to help push through, set new goals, motivate others too! Really really great program, and I really appreciate it! I'm so proud of myself and i never thought I'd be at this space...im just like WOW, and thats thanks for this group! SO thank you!


"I cannot believe that I am no longer trapped by consistent negative body image or fear of weight gain/my body changing."

I truly thought that I would be engaging in negative self-talk, body checking, and using exercise as a negative coping mechanism for the rest of my life. The feeling of freedom that I now have and the trust in my body that I've gained through this program is something I never thought I would have. I'm so proud of myself for doing the work to get here!!


"My life feels so much more free."

I knew for a long time that I probably needed to seek help for eating/exercise issues but until I started doing the program and working through the modules, I didn't realize truly how much food/exercise ruled my life and how much of my day-to-day anxiety really came down to my relationship with food and exercise. I feel extremely empowered about my journey, my body, and my choices. My confidence in myself and trust in my body to do what it needs to do is something that I've never had before and it feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.


We never want you to have to wait to start your journey to freedom and acceptance, which is why we customize the start date to what works for you. If you're feeling ready to go after our intake call, we can support you in starting right away!

When does it start?


Yes! First off, you get personalized support at any time you need within Live Unrestricted. This occurs in the community group where you have the ability to ask questions at any time + the live calls. Second, we do have the option with private, 1-1 calls with your Live Unrestricted Dietitian or Mallory. You will see the different options available for you when booking your discovery call!

Is there 1-1 support in the program?

We have done 9 rounds of Live Unrestricted and had almost 200 women go through the program and there has been one time where someone dropped out of the program because they didn't believe it worked. I know it is hard to imagine that something can work when you've tried so many things, but this program isn't other programs. If you engage with the course you WILL get results and they will last, which is exhibited by our client experiences. I have had people from programs I did 3.5 years ago tell me they still see the life changing effects of the work every day.

What if this doesn't work or it doesn't stick long term?

Yes!!! It is incredibly normal to be nervous to apply. A choice like this pushes you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown which is always scary. You have to remember that the only thing that happens in your comfort zone is exactly what you are experiencing right now. Draw back on the best choices in your life and ask yourself, "were those made in my comfort zone?" In order to get the results you dream of you have to you have to make the decisions that you know will get you there... even if you may be nervous.

Is it normal to be nervous?

We work with people that are on their ED journey that are also the right fit for the program. The free intro call is a chance for us to chat more about where you are at in the journey and what you are dealing with to ensure that this is the right fit for you. That being said, this is not a substitute for higher level eating disorder treatment or a doctor to patient relationship. If you have questions about this please feel free to shoot us and email at contact@malloryjpage.com.

Is this course for someone with an eating disorder?

Every single call is recorded and uploaded to a portal for you to view at any time you need. We also cater the call times to your schedule to ensure you can go to as many as possible. For example, we will offer three different call options in a week just to make sure you can join. You can join this group from ANYWHERE in the world! We have had clients from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and more.

How are the call times decided and what if I have to miss a live session?

This one's for you.

Are you reading through this page thinking, "This all sounds amazing, but I'm not sure if I really need this. What I'm dealing with isn't that bad, and there are probably other people who need this more than me." I get this feeling so intimately, and that's why I've recorded an episode specifically for you.

In this free masterclass you will get access to the precise systems that I employ to help you determine exactly why you aren't experiencing food freedom that lasts, as well as, the steps you need to take to achieve this.

In this masterclass you get:
  • A live training with Mallory 
  • Journal prompts, exercises, and reminders
  • Examples of exactly how I have helped people in your exact position reach their goals

Want 3 phase framework to food freedom that lasts forever?

This is what living unrestricted sounds like.

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