"I started the Live Unrestricted program scared and unsure if it was right for me."

But it became clear quickly that I was in the right place. The program really forced me to unpack, acknowledge, and unlearn so much that has been ingrained in me since I was a kid. Combatting things like food guilt and food morality, learning about set point weight and your metabolism, and challenging false beliefs have been so powerful for me. I've loved the program and think these are valuable tools that anyone could use in their life in some way.

Katie S.

"Live Unrestricted is a program that I took a chance on, and I am so glad that I did"

After nearly a decade of being stuck in a cycle of negative body image a toxic relationship with food and exercise, I felt hopeless and lost. I'd tried everything and felt like I didn't have the tools to get myself the final steps of the way towards full recovery.

Through the dedicated, specialized support of Mallory and the Live Unrestricted team, I was able to work through very personal struggles in a gentle, safe environment. The weekly calls and lessons provided me with information and instruction that helped me break down where my disordered relationship with food, exercise, and body image originated, why the beliefs I had about my body and "health" weren't rooted in actual science, and how to build up my toolkit so that I could keep supporting myself once the program ended. The weekly goals set by Mallory were personalized to my specific struggles and made me feel like I was making tangible progress each week. The community of women that were in the program with me were a source of joy, accountability, and a feeling of unity, rather than the isolation I'd so often felt during my struggles.

Now, on the other side of this program, I am so happy to say that food freedom is possible and I could not recommend this program enough to anyone who is struggling to reach a place of contentment in their relationship with themselves and their bodies. Mallory and the Live Unrestricted team are knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind, and go out of their way to make sure that you receive the support you need to be successful in the program.


"This program has completely changed my life."

I absolutely cannot believe how much I have grown throughout this program. I hadn’t realized that I was stuck in this quasi-recovery or that full recovery was possible until LU. I truly cannot remember the last time I felt this kind of peace around food and my body. For the first time in forever, eating feels effortless and my thoughts are not consumed by my body image. I have never felt more nourished, satisfied and comfortable in my body and around food. Which makes me extremely emotional because I truly felt that I was the exception to full recovery and that feeling neutral towards food and body was not possible.

This program has completely changed my life in such a short time and I cannot thank Mallory and the other coaches enough for that. It's more than just a program; there's a community of women with similar lived experiences that support you along the way - which was extremely powerful. LU was truly the final push I needed to fully recovery and discover this life of radical self acceptance and food freedom. I definitely recommend joining this program & making an investment in your health, because not only do you deserve that--it's worth it.


"I was very skeptical about going on this journey because I didn’t think I really could ‘Live Unrestricted.'"

I can not put into words how amazing this program is! 

I was very skeptical about going on this journey because I didn’t think I really could ‘Live Unrestricted’. I had tried and it had never worked for me, I was always pulled back into the trap of my ED and diet culture. I really felt like I was trapped by an obsession with my body and constantly falling into binge and restrict cycles that were soul destroying. Although I had made some progress with making change, I knew I still needed to get support to finally be free. I had been following Mallory for awhile on Instagram and nearly every post resonated with me so much that I thought it could perhaps help me. I am so happy I made the decision to join because being a part of Live Unrestricted has given me the freedom with food and peace with my body that I needed.

The support and education from this program has been incredible and has more than equipped me to continue to live in my new found freedom! I have learnt so much and have been able to put into place life changing practices. Reframing my mindset and deconstructing years of diet culture and societal lies has changed my life!

Thank you SO much to Mallory, the coaches I have worked with, Amy and Cahleigh, and all the girls that were on this journey with me! Your help and support has been truly empowering!! I highly recommend this course to you if you are reading this and resonate in any way, you deserve the same freedom and can achieve it with Live Unrestricted.


"I had no idea what I was getting myself into in the best of ways. "

This program has helped me unpack more on why I’ve always felt the way I do in a way that I could understand myself better. I feel like I’ve always known that society makes us behave the way we do. However, hearing it out loud and discussing it with strong, powerful, perfectly imperfect women, made that voice become almost as loud as my negative, mean voice which I never thought would happen. That voice has yelled at me my entire like that I was ugly, fat, unaccepted by society, when in reality that voice only exists because of that society, so learning that my voice needs to be louder than the mean one, has helped soothe myself in ways that I couldn’t before. For me, that’s everything. 


"Revolutionary for me."

I am SO proud of myself for the reframe I have achieved with my relationship with my body. The education around body neutrality and body grief was really revolutionary for me in achieving this. To now feel near to completely neutral about my body and on my way to full acceptance is amazing. It has made such a huge impact on this whole journey with recovery because I don’t think I realised that without body neutrality I would still be stuck in my ED even I though my relationship with food was better.

sarah g

"If you've been living in a space of quasi-recovery and want to break free from any insecurities that might be holding you back, join Live Unrestricted."

Since joining Live Unrestricted, I've been tapping into the woman that I've always known has been deep down inside of me- doesn't care what other people think of her, being present in her life, and carrying herself with confidence. Mallory, the coaches, and this group of amazing women have been so incredibly supportive and uplifting during a time where I was battling my internal thoughts about myself. I am so grateful for every single one of them. I'm so thankful and grateful for you guys. You could not have come into my life at a better time and I thank you for seeing me and hearing me when for so long I felt like I haven't been seen and heard :''') THANK YOU <3


"This program changed my life."

 When I signed up I felt a bit nervous if it would be worth it. But from the first call on Mallory and the coaches led us carefully and with patients through the different modules. I had a lot of realizations that led me from binging a few times a week to eating intuitive ❤️ I move my body for my mental health without any thoughts about losing weight. If you’re thinking about signing up for the program I would highly recommend it, I‘m 100% sure you will get a lot out of it!


" I felt heard and seen in a way that I had never experienced before in clinical settings"

When I first spoke with Mallory about joining Live Unrestricted, I felt heard and seen in a way that I had never experienced before in clinical settings. At that point, I was still entrenched in my eating disorder and didn't see a way out. I wasn't sure I was ready to change, but I took the leap to join LU because it just felt different, and I am so glad I did. As the weeks went by, I felt myself opening to the idea that I didn't have to live in the misery of having a dysfunctional relationship with food, my body, and exercise forever. I am now so much better equipped to take on the challenge of recovery and move away from purely intellectualizing about recovery to taking action that will allow me to lead a more joyful and vibrant life. I attribute this mental transformation to the carefully structured program Mallory created, but also to the amazing group of women who were brave enough to work on their own parallel, but unique, struggles, inspiring me along the way with every message and during every call.


"Investing in myself was the best decision I could have made."

Joining LU has been one of the best decisions I've made in a long time. I was hesitant to join this program because part of me didn't think I was "sick enough" or that I could figure it out all on my own. To be honest, I very much could not have gotten to where I am now on my own, and I've learned that if you even have to think about if you need help, you probably do. This program has made my quality of life so much better. I can finally enjoy going out with my friends and family without thinking about it for hours, I can enjoy food and drinks, and best of all I'm happy with my body and self for the first time in a very long time. I couldn't recommend this program enough. Investing in myself was the best decision I could have made. You've all made this program such a welcoming and safe space.

The thought of sharing all these super personal experiences with a bunch of strangers is a bit nerve wracking but the environment you've created feels so safe, it really made it easy to be fully engaged in the program and get the most out of it. My quality of life is so much better now than it was before. I'm generally a more happy person because I'm not constantly tearing myself apart for the way I look or what i have or haven't eaten. I am more relaxed about food and can actually enjoy the foods I or my loved ones make, and not feel the need to overeat or restrict the next day. I'm finally out of my endless loop of "I'll do better tomorrow."


"I filled out the application for Live Unrestricted for 3 different cycles & talked myself out of submitting it because I thought I could fix it myself or I would use the investment as an excuse to not take the leap. "

I truly had struggled with my relationship with food and exercise for my entire adult life and I had gone through the cycle of thinking I wasn't bad enough to seek help or that what I was doing was "normal". Now having been through the program, this has truly been the best and most transformative 12 weeks of my life. I didn't know that I could feel this sense of relief and peace that I have now with my relationship with food, exercise, and body image. I have so many tools in my toolkit that I didn't even know I needed. I've unpacked things that I would never have thought were contributing factors to my disordered habits.I can 100% say I never would have gotten to this point without the program. I probably would have struggled with some sort of disordered eating for the rest of my life and that makes me so sad to think about now being on the other side. I am so proud of myself for making this investment in myself and for future generations of women who won't have to have disordered eating habits perpetuated my me and my own issues with myself. I can't say enough good things about this program.


" I would encourage anyone who is struggling at any stage with their relationship with food to apply, and see how your life changes"

After struggling with eating and exercise problems for years on my own, this programme couldn't have come at a better time. Mallory and her team have created a supportive and nurturing programme to change your view about body image, diets and exercise forever. I can honestly say this programme changed my life and not only am I beginning a new chapter with new tools to help me on my journey, I also know I am surrounded by supportive women ready to guide me at any time. I would encourage anyone who is struggling at any stage with their relationship with food to apply, and see how your life changes.


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Live Unrestricted

Live Unrestricted for Practitioners

Live Unrestricted

Live Unrestricted for Practitioners

Want to know more about Live Unrestricted for Practitioners?

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Meet Molly, Registered Dietitian

This program not only helped my confidence when working with clients but also with providing resources and tangible steps that clients can take to unlearn diet culture and learn to feel at peace with food and in their body. Mallory and her team are amazing to work with and are so knowledgeable. Mallory gives specific scenarios and examples of how to work through questions and issues clients may have with food and body image. I walked away with a whole library of resources and knowledge that I did not have before!

Meet Lakin, Registered Dietitian

Mallory did an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun. She is a great teacher, and I would recommend her to not only students in school but also for people like me who are gathering more knowledge on their own, further insight, different perspectives, and additional resources as providers. LUP has been a great experience. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and always encourages us to share our thoughts/beliefs first. She paces the class just right, so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. I’m thrilled to have been involved in the LUP class!

Meet Mikaela

This course made me so much more confident as a Body & Food Freedom Coach. Mallory is filled with knowledge and works hard to make sure everything she says is backed by a study and science. She isn't just throwing out random information. This makes her trustworthy compared to the others and her heart is really in this. She's not just in it for the money or to have the most clients. She wants her clients to truly experience food freedom and guide her practitioners to help their clients reach the same!

Meet Hannah, NP in training

LUP has helped me gain so much confidence in how to work with patients/clients who struggle with disordered eating/food and body image struggles. Mallory provided so much great insight and information and I have truly come away from the program armed with so much more knowledge and actionable steps to implement with patients!

Meet Jaime, RD in training

I came into this program feeling so unsure of my knowledge and abilities when approaching client situations, and this program has given me far more confidence and understanding of how to effectively work with clients and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in recovery. I wish I would've had Live Unrestricted and Mallory's expertise to guide my own recovery journey. I can't recommend this program enough.

Kind words from Nicole, RD

I can't express enough just how excited I am that LUP exists! To start, the content in LUP itself speaks to the EXACT gaps in knowledge I was having when working in the non-diet/ED space. The content was presented in a way that makes sense and is very applicable to your own work with clients. While I am a dietitian who works a lot directly with clients who struggle with disordered eating/an ED/body image, I can see that LUP is beneficial for ANY practitioner who is currently working in this space or who would like to work in this space (honestly, this is for anyone who works in healthcare in general because this information provides such a good lens in which to practice patient/client care). Beyond the content, Mallory and her team foster such an uplifting and supportive environment which made me comfortable enough to share my thoughts and ask questions. The LUP group was made up of such outstanding providers who had great perspectives to share as well and made the experience that much more beneficial. If you are on the fence about this program, GO FOR IT! It will transform your confidence as a practitioner and your clients' experiences with you.

Kind words from Bri, RD in training

My understanding of topics such as set point, quasi recovery, identity etc as grown so much! Not only do I now have a solid understanding of all of these topic and how they relate to recovery, I also confident helping a client through these issues and how to approach different situations. Knowing what I know now, I feel I’ll truly be able to give grace and autonomy to all my clients while also having a strong HAES/non diet approach to my practices.

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