for Practitioners

Everything you should have learned, but didn't, in your education about how to help individuals heal their relationship with food, body image, and movement in a diet-oriented world. 

The non-diet certification


You're skilled, passionate, and smart, and now you're ready to elevate these qualities even further so that you:

Know exactly how to approach a client that is fixating on their body as the solution to their self image & health goals

Guide your clients to a place where they feel nourished by what they eat and also free from limiting mindsets

Possess effective strategies for every stage of your client's journey, even the points when they are "doing everything right" and still grappling with disordered thoughts or habits

Navigate conversations around body image with ease, never second-guessing your toolkit or feeling forced to rely on personal experience

Can effectively convey the harmfulness of someone's habits without them feeling attacked or undermined


It's time to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle. . . 

And most importantly, so you can make the IMPACT you desire.

I was planted in my usual seat (second seat in on the right directly next to the clock - I needed a clear view of the time, ya know?) during my senior year counseling class when the teacher told us we were having a guest speaker in. Now a guest speaker day was always a good day with this teacher, trust me, so I was already excited, but the experience was even better than I could have possibly imagined. As the speaker was talking I felt like I was getting a taste of everything I had been missing from what we had been learning thus far. I wanted to understand. I wanted to know how to do this. I wanted to find out when we were discussing this next and why the heck this was our first time doing so. Unfortunately, there was no next time, which is probably why I remember the first time like it was yesterday. One guest lecture was the only education I got on anything related to eating disorders, disordered eating, intuitive eating, or HAES in my 4 years of schooling to become a dietitian.

If you're here I'm worried you may have a similar story to tell, and that's precisely why this course exists.

I want to provide you with the fundamental education required to guide clients to food freedom, body acceptance, and full recovery – all conveniently packaged into one comprehensive program that mimics what you should have received in your education.

I remember the first time I learned about eating disorders and disordered eating in my education process like it was yesterday.

Let's face it. . .

Medically stable but stuck in the grip of quasi recovery

A chronic dieter that is terrified to drop the pursuit of weight loss

Wellness & fitness obsessed but unable to see the detrimental nature of their habits

Struggling with binging but believes that more restriction is the answer

There is a HUGE gap in education around disordered eating and everything that comes with it. On one end there are programs talking about intuitive eating, which is fantastic, but this isn't applicable until the very last steps of someone's healing journey. On the other end there are practicums for eating disorders, but these are mainly focused on the process of reaching medical stability. The gap between these two approaches is where the majority of clients land.

Do these scenarios sound familiar?

None of these clients will reach full recovery through intuitive eating, the pursuit of medical stability, or you sharing what you did to reach freedom. They need more and they deserve more.


The step by step program for professionals and students who want to seamlessly integrate the non-diet approach into their work so they can create lasting client transformations and revolutionize their field.


for Practitioners

A look inside. . . 

There are eight core modules, listed below, and each has an abundance of specialized content. Every module there are two video lessons from Mallory, one for teaching one for application, that range from 30 minutes to an 1 hour in length. Along with this, every module has a client workbook and a practitioner workbook filled with resources that relate to the topic of discussion. There are also research articles, case study worksheets, exclusive podcast episodes, and more.

Most of us believe we have full clarity in our values, but you will be surprised to see the little ways that uncertainty will show up in your work. After this module you will feel clear on who you will and won't work with, what you believe in, and how you will explain this.
How to get your clients and colleagues to see through the diet and wellness culture BS and find refuge in the anti diet-culture mindset.
You may know, or not know, what these two topics are but APPLYING them with clients is a completely different thing. Get ready to learn the exact steps that you need for clients to understand how this relates to their journey. 
Do you feel stuck trying to get your clients through their fear of weight gain and body image issues? That's what this module is for. This isn't your usual affirmations and "appreciate what your body does" approach.
Learn how to recognize and coach your clients through unhealthy coping mechanisms and limiting beliefs that hold them back.
Clients who place their identity in being the "fit friend," "healthy friend," "skinny friend" "funny friend," and more often find themselves stuck in an unhealthy cycle of trying to maintain an identity that no longer serves them and unsure of how to build a new one. This module will walk you through how to address and change this.
Let's face it: many forms of treatment get clients through the physical healing but not mental healing. This in-between state deserves the same amount of attention, but it needs a different approach.
How do we determine when healthy behavior is rooted in health obsession/diet culture or not? In this module, we'll explore the fine line between "healthy habits" and obsession with health. We'll work together to define what "health" really is.

But you'll learn even more. . . 

How to know when you should refer out

Educating vs. Coaching (and why you need to know the difference)

Letting go of the goal of weight loss

How to work with resistant clients

Feeling confident in your scope of practice

How to know exactly who your ideal client is

What to do when your client gets stuck

You no longer have to waste hours of your precious time listening to podcasts, sifting through research, and trial and erroring with clients.

where do i sign?

This is for you if . . .

You're ready for your skills to match your passion

You think HAES, intuitive eating, body acceptance, food neutrality, etc. are great concepts, but you want more tools to make them click for others.

You're an advocate for the non-diet perspective and want to be around others that feel the same

This is not for you if. . . 

You are looking to have an overnight change; learning still takes time

You are unwilling to examine yourself throughout this process

You aren't open-minded and coachable

How it Works

Get access to 26 hours of walkthrough content

There is an abundance of content in the program and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it. Once you join you automatically get access to ALL of the content. Taking the step to invest in your growth as a professional is extremely exciting and we're so grateful to be supporting you on the journey. 

Choose your pace for getting The certification

The cool part about LUP is that you get to set the pace that works for you when going through the content. For example, if you'd like to finish your certification in 6 months you would set aside around an hour a week for content. 3 months? Set aside 2 hours. Ultimately, your pace is up to you, but we would suggest giving yourself time to fully digest and apply the content in order to make the most of it.

Get access to the private community group with other LUP members

As a member, you gain access to a supportive community group with all LUP members, past and present, for as long as you wish to be part of it. This is a place where you can network with other professionals, ask questions, and brainstorm with others.

Take your certification test to become an official Live Unrestricted Practitioner 

Our goal is to ensure you feel fully confident in applying the techniques learned in the program, so we've included a certification test for you to take and earn your LUP certification. You have as long as you need to complete the content and take the test and there are no limits to how many times you can take it. You also have LIFETIME access to the content, which is continuously being updated. 

You hop off a client call where you confidently helped your client navigate a deep limiting belief that came up around them, "Never being lovable if their body changes because they already live in a larger body". You then open up your Google Calendar to see it's your scheduled LUP time of the week, so you log into into your personal portal. As you watch this weeks video lesson you have a lot of AHA moments, and a few laughs (we believe in fun mixed with education here). Post-lesson you jump into the community group to post a question you had come up from the content to the other members. After reading some threads you sign off to go eat a delicious pasta dinner topped with astronomical amounts of parmesan (the only way to eat it). You think to yourself, "It's so funny how this program has everything I didn't even know I needed."

A week in the life of the Live Unrestricted for Practitioners Program. . . 

The Investment

Invest in yourself so that your dream client knows you are precisely who they want to invest in

The course will never be this low again. Join now to access everything at our lowest price ever!

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Lifetime access to the course & content updates

Immediately receive 26 hours of transformative content on how to be the best non-diet practitioner possible

Only 8 weeks to become non-diet certified

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get the lowest price

Lifetime access to the course & content updates

Immediately receive 26 hours of transformative content on how to be the best non-diet practitioner possible

Only 8 weeks to become non-diet certified

Lifetime access to the course & content updates

Immediately receive 26 hours of transformative content on how to be the best non-diet practitioner possible

Only 8 weeks to become non-diet certified

6 monthly payments of




get the lowest price

Lifetime access to the course & content updates

Immediately receive 26 hours of transformative content on how to be the best non-diet practitioner possible

Only 8 weeks to become non-diet certified

 I feel much more confident in my practice as a weight-neutral/anti-diet/HAES Registered Dietitian.

This program provided an educational community of insightful, experienced, and compassionate professionals in the HAES and non-diet space. When I signed up for the program, I didn't realize the depth of detail behind repairing ones relationship with food/body and had no clue that intuitive eating/gentle nutrition would come into the picture later on in ones journey (if at all). This opened my eyes to the ways we can meet different people where they are and individualize care in a structured/methodical and evidence-based way. I feel much more confident in my practice as a weight-neutral/anti-diet/HAES Registered Dietitian.


 I was waiting for a program just like this one and it came up at the most perfect time.

I couldn’t recommend the Live Unrestricted Practitioner Program more. After already completing 5 years of undergraduate degrees, I knew I just wanted to learn about what I’m truly interested in, that being eating disorders, disordered eating and body image disorders/struggles. This program has truly expanded my knowledge and skills to help guide clients to true freedom which isn’t as simple as I once thought! Getting to full recovery requires addressing the underlying root causes of the disordered behaviours and working through all of the uncomfortable feelings and challenges that come up along the journey, and the LUP program has helped me to develop my confidence and ability to do this!


"Worth every penny!"

I can't express enough just how excited I am that LUP exists! To start, the content in LUP itself speaks to the EXACT gaps in knowledge I was having when working in the non-diet/ED space. The content was presented in a way that makes sense and is very applicable to your own work with clients. While I am a dietitian who works a lot directly with clients who struggle with disordered eating/an ED/body image, I can see that LUP is beneficial for ANY practitioner who is currently working in this space or who would like to work in this space (honestly, this is for anyone who works in healthcare in general because this information provides such a good lens in which to practice patient/client care).


Want my essential framework for empowering clients to overcome food and body image struggles? I dive deep in this 40 minute webinar all about the non-diet toolkits & strategies you need. You'll walk away with:

Free Webinar

Revelations around areas you may currently feel stuck in with clients such as overcoming fear of weight gain, limiting beliefs, fear foods, and more.

Increased confidence in your non-diet methods and clear understanding of how to implement them effectively.

Actionable, practical tools that you can use immediately with clients, peers, and other professionals.

get access

No! This is for any coach, counselor, nutritionist, fitness professional, ED recovery coach, or other professional. This is also a great fit for students on any of these paths.

Do I need to be a Dietitian or Therapist?


After working with over 350 clients using this exact formula and teaching it to dozens of other practitioners, witnessing its success for them, I am confident it will work for you too. All the information in this course is backed by research and evidence to ensure your success. If you want to hear from other people that have been in your shoes check out the testimonials section, it speaks for itself.

How will I know this is going to work?

In our time running this program we have never received the request for a refund, but it is important to note that once you register for the program we will not be able to offer you a refund. 

Are refunds an option?

Woof, how much time do you have? Lol. In all seriousness, this is an accumulation of many different sources of education, included but not limited to - hundreds of client interactions, shadowing other professionals, extensive research, books, conferences, webinars, and more. 

Where did you learn the information that you share in this course?

No... but also kind of. There is no explicit business advice or support within this program or within the community group, from Mallory. That being said, I pull back the curtain on A LOT of the inner workings of my business. I show you my application ➝ consult ➝ onboarding process, exact case studies from clients, how I determine my ideal client, and other business workings. I also have gotten feedback from members that this program has helped them to define their ideal client, show up more confidently on potential client calls, and experience more success in marketing or job searching due to knowing more about what they are talking about. If you would like to explore the prospect of 1-1 business mentorship with Mallory you can click here.

Does this course offer business support?

You have access to the course information for a lifetime! There are also new resources continuously added to the program you really have a never-ending investment on your hands upon committing to this program.

How long do I have access to the course information?

The Seems Like Diet Culture Podcast

The podcast for when you hear a food rule, wellness trend, or nutrition fact and think, "This seems like diet culture, but is it really?" Join host Mallory Page to have your questions answered about a new trending topic every single week.

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